Earth 4 Energy Avi

I just came back from a projection and I liked the movie. Overall, it was just ordinary adventure film. The actors were not bad, but I had seen better performance on their part. This is the story of a standard. A type without relatives to care for a child who goes on an adventure with him. I won't spoil, but probably won't be able to. Now, I have to say that there won't be bored during the film; acted quite well and had its exciting moments. But these things would be sufficient, but for advice. My biggest concern was that too obvious scenes for adventure make films. (like a roller coaster in a mine). The only thing that I would recommend that this would be the real d is a big difference with the ordinary 3D (IMAX). The situation is very clear and everything looks very realistic and it seemed that some photos were taken specifically for the 3D effect (which sometimes directly made me). If you are interested in earth 4 energy avi new technologies, is to go and see it in 3D, is an interesting experience. The film itself is not really worth the money. It's a good adventure with SFX film, but nothing special or original regular,. .