Earth 4 Energy Any Good

This is a bad movie. I thought the critics were exaggerated, as they said was bad, but they were not BATTLEFIELD EARTH is the worst movie released by a major Hollywood Studio. Is administered, male actors (Barry Pepper as Jonnie ensures less impressive screen a hero.) It should have played perhaps respected their weapons and Jonnie Travolta. It might have been slightly too old for the role, but at least he has an appearance in contrast to the pepper) and one was written the worst script. An alien race earth 4 energy any good called Psychlos, sounds like psychopaths. I bet, you're really evil and cruel. I'm evil and cruel as psychopaths. Why do you think that the rats are the preferred human food, if it is the only one that people have eaten? And don't think that the brain of the rat is an insult to people? especially if people animals is considered a primitive type. And I'm the only one that irritating man concept has found animal? Should it in any case Honimales? An expression much sharper and smarter. But the sharpness and the list is a way of describing this script. Remain city intact after almost 1 thousand years since the collapse of human civilization. Not only that, but also large amounts of weapons, ammunition, and the Harrier jump jet and a Flight Simulator for the jump jets, where people fly in a week people learn and will probably be able to learn what it is and how it it in the jets that fly. Are you without a doubt? We say: go in a time machine and go into biblical times, take a few dozen people again and she pilots of combat become within the week. Don't you think that it would be good, flying planes and enemy fire forces? Me too. Do you think it Superman could cancel? Me too? Do you think that anyone deserves with this film, going back to work? Me too,.